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Main SHLAA Report

Now available, the complete guide to the Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council Strategic Housing Availabilty Assessment 2010/11

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All the sites identified for development are listed in our colour coded easy to read version, together with detailed area by area maps. These site lists and maps are now all individually accessable.

Additionally all the sites excluded from development are listed. (below)

A summary of the SHLAA report site capacities on a single sheet can he downloaded here (zoom to enlage)



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Full Contents (appendices are shown separately as Sites Maps and Excluded Sites)

Strategic Land Availability Assessments defined as providing evidence of housing supply  for the Local Development Framework

Defienes government policy and the categories DELIVERABLE, DEVELOPABLE and NOT CURRENTLY DEVELOPABLE

Discusses the target of 1520 houses in 5 years and 4562 over 15 years in the borough.

Just a workflow chart                                                                                                                    

Records what sort of people carried out the assesment and how sites already within the planning process were identied

This shows how additional land was identified. Also we fisrt hear the term Surplus Public Sector Land

"a site is considered achievable for developmentwhere there is a reasonable prospect that housing will be developed on thesite at a particular point in time."

Achievability "This then provides a figure that must satisfy both the sum to buy the land and also thedeveloper’s profit, which on larger sites should be judged as accounting for 20% of the gross scheme value.

Overall Capacity
Overall 493 sites were submitted for the Assessment. However, 263 sites
were deemed undevelopable and have been excluded from the potential
supply of housing land. The 230 sites that are judged to be either deliverable
or developable have had their dwelling capacity examined

Table of Brownfield and Greenfield sites. 38% or 1884 houses to be built on Greenfiled sites.

To meet the 5,700 housing allocation, it will be necessary to deliver an

average of 304 dwellings per annum over the remainder of the plan period

Urban brownfield sites have been prioritised ahead of greenfield (previously
undeveloped land not in the Green Belt) and rural sites (excludes sites in the
Green Belt), although later on in the 15 year forecast, a proportion of
greenfield sites have been included. However, a greenfield site not required
by the North Staffordshire Green Space Strategy has been considered to be
more ‘suitable’ than a site required for meeting open space standards.

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