Steering Committee

Following the residents meeting at Wye Road Community Centre on Monday, 7 February 2011, the residents voted unanimously to oppose Newcastle under Lyme Borough Council's planned sell-off of its green spaces. They also voted to form residents groups for each area that had been targeted for development. They agreed to form residents associations initially for the Clayton Road Field area and the Westlands Southeast area being the areas that were under the most immediate threat, recognising that other residents may form groups in separate areas as the Council progressed its plans. To coordinate action and share information between the associations, the residents also agreed to form a steering committee which would act an umbrella organisation.

Due to the speed in setting up the residents meeting there was no time to go through the formal process of nominations and voting. It was suggested that the present volunteers present on the rostrum (excluding obviously the guest councillors) form a provisional steering group in order to get things moving quickly. The volunteers opting for the roles are doing so due to the speed of events until a formal committee can be appointed at the next residents meeting, which is expected to be in early May.

The acting Steering Group members therefore are as follows: –

Anthony Farrell - Clayton Rd. Field Residents Association

John Goode - Westlands South Residents Association

Callum Henderson - Westlands South Residents Association

Belinda Mifflin (chair) - Westlands South Residents Association

George Taylor - Clayton Rd. Field Residents Association