In 2011, Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council planned to sell off seven of our publicly owned green spaces to private housing developers. The council approved the plans in secret meetings held in July 2010 and first advised a select few residents at the end of January 2011. The seven sites under immediate threat were Clayton Road Field in Clayton, Winchester Drive & Repton Drive in the Westlands, Pennyfields Road in Kidsgrove, Shrewsbury Drive in Chesterton, Clayhanger Close in Bradwell and Thomas Street at Talke.


Following an initial outcry by residents who used the green spaces, various residents group were formed throughout the borough whose campaigns gained ovewhelming public support. This led to an an involved public scrutiny by the council which found the proper process had not been followed in selecting the seven sites and consequently to a recommendation that the develoments be put on hold pending a review of the councils development strategy. After change in council leadership in 2012, the council pledged to protect the seven sites from delevelopment. 

Meanwhile, a number of Town and Village green aplications were submitted and are pending approval by the Registrar of Town & Village Greens at Stafford County Council. 


IMPORTANT NOTE : The residents groups associated with the Save Our Green Spaces campaign have no party political allegiances and this website does not align itself with any political party.  Members of the groups will of course talk to local councillors, mps and government/ shadow ministers and their opinions will be reported here. We will also report on public figures who support our cause regardless of their political persuasion.